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This is the Wiki for the digital graphic novel Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz. This webcomic follows the adventures of Zik as he explores the galaxy and discovers new and interesting worlds.

Zik’s continuing saga is set over a thousand years in the future. Humanity has undergone a diaspora from Old Earth, but the Zozians are only just finding out about it, having been the first to leave.


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Please Note

This wiki is not open to editing by the general public. Members of the Zik website can have access to edit the wiki upon request. The wiki does not yet include information about Project: ZOZ, the prequel comic.


This wiki will contain information that is not yet available in the comic. Certain topics go into far more detail than can be sourced from existing pages. This is done on purpose as a scriptwriting aid, but will give away potential plot points and secrets that may ruin the reading experience. You, as a paying member of the Zik website, are welcome to read and enjoy this Wiki, but please do so knowing that many spoilers are contained herein. Furthermore, to be fair to those who are not paying members, or who choose not to read the spoilers, please respect their wish to remain uninformed; please do not reveal these spoilers to others.


The information contained in this Wiki should be considered copywritten. Please do not steal as-yet uncompleted plots, ideas, characters, settings and concepts and market them as your own. That's a dick thing to do and I'll take appropriate action.